Talking Non-Toxic Skincare with Melissa Wood Health!

Ever since I started out on this nontoxic journey in November, I've used every medium at my disposal to try to spread the word. So, when my wonderful friend, Melissa Wood approached me a few weeks ago about doing a beauty video, I jumped at the opportunity. Not enough people know about the lack of regulation in the cosmetics industry and so many of us have faith that these companies will do the right thing and make our safety the priority. Sadly, that's not the case.  I believe it is every consumer's right to know exactly what is in the products they buy, but until we reach that point, we need to be our own advocates and become more conscious consumers.

The app we are using in this video is called Think Dirty; it's an excellent resource, although not totally complete. EWG's Skin Deep website is also great if you want to know more about specific ingredients. We hope you find this video useful, and if there are any questions you want to ask, feel free to leave them in the comments section! Xx

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